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To find an ideal hot tub or swimspa  for your home in the capital you must talk to a London company, London Spas and Hot Tubs, a specialist supplier based in Mill Hill, North West London, close to Hampstead and Totteridge. They offer expert advice on portable and commercial hot tubs and swim spas from a display site that features working models, as well as sauna and steam rooms. This expert company provides the complete service and supplies the ”spas to the stars” as well as mere mortals who want the very best in luxury hot tubs, also known as Jacuzzis.

London Spa and Hot Tubs also serve Hertfordshire and provide a friendly advice and free site survey, if you chose to purchase you will find their professional after care service a delight as they really are the London hot tub experts

Many companies that come up on searches for hot tubs in London use the capital’s name but are based somewhere like Nottingham, this makes it very difficult for them to provide proper customer service, many of these internet traders just sell Canadian or Chinese copies of genuine American hot tubs

Londoners looking for hot tubs or swim spas at consumer shows can find that only one out of town seller is exhibiting, although running several different stands. This give the impression of competition at a show when show offers from such companies are usually standard products that are priced high with a phoney show discount. Stories of customers paying £10,000 more than they need to for a fairly ordinary hot tub and £20,000 more for very basic swim spas abound, all sold by slick pressure salespeople on fancy stands that make time share salespeople look like amateurs !

Never place an order for a spa, hot tub or swimspas at a home, boat or design show until you have checked out local showrooms, to see just how genuine an offer is.

Sales people at London home and garden shows usually earn well over a thousand pounds from a hot tub sale as commission, and miles more from a swim spa, while a consumer show stand and display cost a fortune that is all added to the price you pay for a spa or swimspas at a show, clearly not ideal, so don’t pay to be sold to! Be suspicious of what looks to be low monthly finance payments as the final cost of an interest free hot tub may be thousands of pounds more than you need to pay as the interest is just absorbed in the cost of the hot tub, while show offers are just where companies “put it on to knock it off “so spa buyers do need to beware

Londoners want the genuine article and this can only mean a Hot Tub from the good old USA, remember stuff from Canada and China are not the real thing, but you still find then offered at amazingly high prices by clever marketing and sales people at London shows, such companies are rarely based in London and the salespeople are just hired guns not actually working for the company.

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